The Full Throttle Aerial Stealth UAS is one of the most versatile drone platforms created to date. It serves mission requirements for both 107 operations and heavier lift requirements.




With a standard airframe weight of just 15.67 pounds the FTA Stealth UAS can accommodate equipment payloads up to 39 pounds and still fly within 107 guidelines. This creates a wide array of options for mission specific payloads including ISR (Inspection, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), radio communications equipment, LIDAR, heavy cinema cameras and more.


Drop systems for life support equipment and search and rescue (SAR) can deliver food, water, life jackets, radios, etc. To enhance landing stability the FTA Stealth utilizes a tripod landing gear system instead of the traditional bipod approach found on conventional medium lift drones. The FTA Stealth drone landing gear design utilizes three inverted T-struts that makes the airframe more rigid and stable to support heavier payloads and protect mission payloads when you have a less than perfect landing pad.


The FTA Stealth can also be easily be configured for delivery of larger size payloads. The sky’s the limit when it comes to new mission capabilities and payload options.  The FTA Stealth UAS is capable of supporting payloads up to 100 pounds, with a 25x25x17 inch payload size capability (more than six cubic feet).


Flight Control


In our continued efforts to offer cutting edge flight control options to our clients Full Throttle has pioneered remote command and control of multiple drones via 5G connectivity. Combine this proven capability with our AIRLink FTA Flight Controller for unparalled versatiliy. Because we constantly push the envelope of what can be done with a UAS we can also accommodate unique mission requirements that may even require custom design or development of mission specific flight controllers.




Full Throttle Aerial is committed building airframes that not only meet but exceed the mission objectives of our demanding clients. We ensure that all FTA airframes offer maximum flexibility which is why we use non-proprietary battery systems. Proprietary battery systems like the ones from the ubiquitous Chinese drone makers drive your ownership and operational costs up. When proprietary batteries reach end of life status with their manufacturer, your UAS becomes obsolete. At FTA we build our drones to the highest standards of endurance and durability!


In addition to multiple battery options, the FTA Stealth can be configured to gas generation power for flight times of up to three hours. Need even more endurance than the FTA Stealth can also be configured to use our tethered power and data connection for unlimited flight time. If you need something done that you thought was impossible just ask, as we like to say the sky’s the limit!




Satellite communications can be modularly integrated.


Pounds (Airframe weight without batteries)

IP rating

knots (wind resistance)

knots (Maximum speeed)

inches (size tip to tip)

Pounds (payload capacity)

Performance and Capabilities 

Aircraft weight w/o batteries: 15.67 lbs

Wheel base: 1400mm

Airframe Configuration: Hex (6 motor)

Payload capacity: up to 100 lbs

Flight time: 43 minutes w/28 lb payload (2 X 22000 40C 12S batteries)

Max Aircraft speed: 61 knots

Wind Sustainability: 60+ knots

Max Thrust: 318 lbs

IP Rating: IP54

Flight control: Pix Hawk Blue Cube, Hover Labs, or Sky-Drones FC

Flight and DATA Range: up to 60 km

Ground Station: Desert Rotor, UXV Micronav, others.

*Base Aircraft Package starting at $27,600, $37,370 RTF, other options including hybrid generation available.

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