Intrepid Systems Upgrade for Acecore NEO

Performance and Capabilities – 30% Increase in All Up Weight (AUW)

Increased Thrust – 122 pounds Max, 61 pounds at 50% (required to hover). To accomplish this, FTA will replace motors, props and ESCs as follows:

  • Replace current motors with KDE 5215-330
  • Upper props 18.5 folding prop
  • Lower prop 21.5 folding prop
  • Upgrade ESCs to 75 amp KDE

Enhance Landing Gear – NEO operators may discover a need for a stronger landing gear. Our Intrepid Upgrade program will replace the factory mount with a 2.5x stronger mount of almost identical weight. 

Base Cost – per Intrepid Systems Upgrade: $6204.00 plus shipping.

Optional Upgrades:

Power – FTA suggest using MaxAmps batteries (US Built). We will replace current batteries with 2 MaxAmps per NEO: $1400

Blue Cube – Blue Cube (US) upgrade with programming: $600

Herelink – Controller plus programming, Mauch Power Module: $960

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