The Full Throttle Aerial Interceptor UAS is a proven multi-mission capable drone. With a light weight airframe of 9.2 pounds/4.2kg, it is easy to transport and quick to deploy. The FTA Interceptor supports missions requiring up to 13.2 pounds/6kg payloads or up to 57 minutes duration with a 2.2 pounds/1kg payload. Fly in moderate rain with an IP55 rating.


The Interceptor UAS facilitates surveillance, security, and Search and Rescue missions when integrated with a variety of ISR payloads. For inspection missions, Interceptor carries standard thermal, LiDAR, and/or RGB packages. Spectral analysis payloads for agricultural deployment can be integrated. Mapping and volumetric reporting missions are supported.


Flight Control


In our continued efforts to offer cutting edge flight control options to our clients Full Throttle has pioneered remote command and control of multiple drones via 5G connectivity. Combine this proven capability with AIRLink FTA Flight Controller. Because we constantly push the envelope of what can be done with a UAS we can also accommodate unique mission requirements that may even require custom design or development of mission specific flight controllers.


Aerodynamic Design


Interceptor’s aerodynamic designed carbon fiber frame puts it in a class of its own. The Interceptor is both wind and rain resistant which means it can operate at continuous wind speeds of 30 knots; with rain up to .39 inches (9mm) per hour.


The hollow arms generate an active airflow through the entire system and pulls hot air out of the motor mounts, away from the critical components. As a result, Interceptor will operate at temperatures up to 122°F (50°C).


Modular System


Designed with versatility in mind, Interceptor’s body is modular and can easily be taken apart for hardware upgrades and customizations. The heat sink has several mounting points where additional gear can be secured, and the payload mount is configurable to allow for many third-party payload integrations.


Unlimited Flight Time



Full Throttle Aerial is committed delivering airframes that not only meet but exceed the mission objectives of our demanding clients. We ensure that all FTA airframes offer maximum flexibility which is why we use non-proprietary battery systems. Proprietary battery systems like the ones from the ubiquitous Chinese drone makers drive your ownership and operational costs up. When proprietary batteries reach end of life status with their manufacturer, your UAS becomes obsolete. At FTA we build our drones to the highest standards of endurance and durability!


Beyond Batteries

Tethering Interceptor to an Elistair Safe-T 2 station gives professionals access to unlimited flight times. At 80 meters height, Interceptor can carry a payload of 2.7 kilograms all day.


In a tethered operation Interceptor can follow any moving vehicle autonomously- it will keep its position above the van, truck, UGV, boat or ATV that the Safe-T 2 and high accuracy RTK GPS is mounted to. Leverage this autonomous vehicle “follow me” function supports applications such as convoy protection or car LiDAR scanning.


*RTF Aircraft Package starting at $15,240

Discounts available for US based Energy Sector.


Pounds (UAS Weight)

Pounds (Max Payload)

inches/700 mm (size without props)

knots (wind resistance)

minutes (flight time with 4.4lb/2kg payload)

IP Rating

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