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An emerging global leader in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Full Throttle Aerial innovations impact both the manned cargo aviation and the UAS spaces. We redefined “heavy lift” when we flew the world’s first UAS designed for 1000 pound payloads. While others have drawings, the Scorpion XL has flight. Our heavy lift fleet, including the ground breaking Thor and Stealth platforms, will ultimately reduce commercial and military dependence, costs, and risks associated with manned aviation cargo operations. Pushing another envelope, we simultaneously focus on the fusion of AI and Automation for both our cargo and Enterprise/ISR models.

Partner with us in our Innovation Lab to develop specialized solutions matching your priorities. Your investment in cutting edge concepts turned into actualized solutions can pay you back.

Full Throttle Aerial, LLC is a 100% USA owned and operated entity, building NDAA compliant solutions. Contact us today.

Beyond Concepts

At Full Throttle Aerial, we bring the highest levels of innovation and product development in the multi-rotor UAS industry.

By continuously pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the multi-rotor UAS/UAV space, we deliver real solutoins, not just conceptual. We’ve built and flown the largest, heaviest lift multi-rotor in the world, the Scorpion. Our smaller drones support missions requiring ISR integration, Lidar and more. Our priorities support the defense industry, public safety, energy, and infrastructure.

We welcome you to our collaborative approach. Often FTA serves as a rapid R&D team for our customers where the end goals are tangible flying solutions.

Our Values


Full Throttle Aerial leads with commitment – commitment to innovation, to teams tasked with complex problem solving, to partnerships that drive actual flying results.

Customer Support:

At Full Throttle Aerial, we recognize our customers not simply as contributors to our balance sheet, but as partners who input helps shape our UAS solutions. Your voice, your input, are integral to our work.


Full Throttle Innovations launched Full Throttle Aerial LLC in March 2016 to capitalize on the rapidly expanding commercial drone market. With our humble beginnings in aerial services and UAS manufacturing. In the course of doing business with a variety of use cases, we identified several voids in the market that shifted our focus to advanced R&D. As a result, FTA adds value to our customers with technological solutions and meaningful data behind them.

CEO Steve Dixon is a native Texan and a US Navy veteran, Steve Dixon has a long history in technology.

After leaving the Navy in 1990, Steve pursued a career in designing computer systems and technological innovations with Quorum International. In 1993, he left Quorum International and teamed up with Star Tronix International out of Irvine, CA. There he designed and developed the Star Screen computer system. Steve remained on the Board of Directors with Star Tronix until 1997.

He then went to work for Advanced Micro Devices in Austin, TX. While at AMD, Steve aided in the development of the Thunderbird and Athlon CPUs. In 2002, Steve started his own computer company, XXtreme Computers LLC and a high speed wireless broadband company, X-Net Wireless Corporation. From 2002-2010, Steve continued supporting hardware development at AMD, Nvidia, and Gigabyte corporations. He also worked on software development for Microsoft.

In 2013, Steve opened Full Throttle Innovations, where he pursued the design and development of various unmanned aerial systems for commercial and military use. Rebranding with a new focus in 2016, Steve launched Full Throttle Aerial LLC.

Guiding Principles:

We believe that overcoming challenges is what makes us better; that complacency forms the basis for failure; and that hard work, honesty, integrity, and trust bring success. To succeed, we embrace in the power of clear thinking, self-reliance, adventure, ambition, honest competition, and a willingness to take on the tough jobs.

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